Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NEW ENGLAND 2015: A visit to the Fitchburg Art Museum.

I took the bus to Fitchburg for a visit to this museum

I needed to be out of the apartment so that the electric bill might run lower; it seems as I am home all day long, I am using up the electricity, not true, but our electric bill says other wise.  Anyhow, I thought to spend the day at a nearby museum.

I phoned the bus company and they provided with the bus numbers that I needed to connect to in order to reach of the Fitchburg Museum.

Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM)


About the Founder of the museum

The museum was founded by Eleanor Norcross.  She was a native of Fitchburg and she is one of the cities most celebrated citizens. Her father Amasa Norcross was a lawyer and the first mayor of Fitchburg. Her mother, Susan Wallis, who was a school teacher died when Eleanor was very young.

Eleanor grew to become a fine young woman, who was a talented artist who taught art at the public schools in Fitchburg. It is this passion for art that led her to Paris, France to further her studies. She resided in France for almost forty years; returning to Fitchburg in the summers.

It was while living and traveling abroad that Norcross collected textiles, dishes, cups and furniture with the dream of opening up an art center in Fitchburg. Ms. Norcross did not live to see this dream come to fulfillment, but her bequest of her collection and funds made it possible to open the Fitchburg Art Center “for the joy and inspiration of art.” The Art Center, today, is known as the Fitchburg Art Museum, where her legacy lives on.

I saw none of this legacy but perhaps some of the paintings in the entrance are hers; as I tend to not notice what is in front of me. The museum seems sparse as they only had two wings open.  I got to view the African Art over at the Harris Connector Gallery and Egyptian Art in the Nester Building.

I viewed of this NatureTech display at the top of the stairs but it is not open until Sunday and showing until June.

African Art at the Harris Connector Gallery 


 Egyptian Art in the Nester Building

I am happy that I was able to make my way to the (FAM) today as this was my goal for this day. I did purchase some goodies
for home to remember of this trip to FAM.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

NEW ENGLAND 2015: a win try’s tale...continued with the snow melting away, our woes as well.

A thawing on this sunny New England day.

A thawing of the snow on this sunny day in Leominster, MA and I took a walk around and around and it felt really good to be outside and to breathe of the fresh, cold air.

I have many demons that I am struggling with and no support really. I am grateful for when I am able to get outside and to simply breathe and take a walk. I am grateful for this apartment, although we've incurred many debts. I am grateful for my life, what little that I do and continue to do.

I am grateful for the one that provides shelter, warmth, and food for me. He sees not of the demons and he does not know how else to help me; but I need to help myself and him. How to rid of these demons? I thought that if I gave up blogging and of the Internet than they would minimize and disappear all together because I believe that my demons stem from my activities on the Internet and the fact that I am not employed and I cannot pay what I owe in student loans, credit cards etc.

These demons come in the form of collectors who phone repeatedly at times leaving messages for another and yet it is our number they phone. At times the demons are in my in-box or spam mail and in regular postal mailings.

I know that I cannot fend off demons with no income because this is what makes them stronger the fact that I have no income or means for doing things; simple, daily activities like paying a loan, a debt. I am simply unable to and this somehow makes me a target for these demons.

I have not posted as yet this month; I actually want to not do this anymore. As I walked today, I tried to remember why I became a blogger? Why do damage to myself, my character because I am not trusted and the few who may view of the things I write play upon the words and act them out around me; so what I am to do?

Today, I took a walk and it felt good. I find myself here trying to explain of this by saying that I am grateful for what I have and what little I do to continue to have.


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

NEW ENGLAND 2015: a win try’s tale—pond’s thawing, yet hockey players amidst the pond.

I see before me a pond seeming to be thawing and yet hockey sticks and players were on the icy pond…wow.

I was at home all day long doing of some house chores as well as fighting demons that pick at me for being in doors through out the day; the guilt of what I do all day long, weighing upon me, when I am not looking for employment. Anyhow, I did venture outside to take out the trash and I found the weather to be pleasantly warm and as I peered out at the pond, I thought to myself; how it is thawing of sort; yet as I gaze across the pond, I noticed of some young persons on the ice, further I look, I saw they were playing hockey for there was a net as well for this. Wow, I grab at my camera and took some photos.

I had made mention of a systematic way of looking at things; that is to see what is not there; what is missing but these thoughts are mine own, the world is too busy to take notice of what isn't there.

Speaking of canvases, I received from QuestRoyal Fine Art, LLC ( some print images that I wish to share for they are a wonder all of their own…Awe!


de-Haas Treacherous Seas

 Birchfield Glory to God

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

NEW ENGLAND 2015: A visit to the Leominster Historical Society.

I am learning more about the town Leominster, MA

I found out that there is a historical society here in Leominster and today was my day for locating this society and to take a tour of the place. I did get lost because I took a wrong turn to reach the historical society and after asking a passer-by, I was able to make my way to their front door.

The building looked dark as if no one was in. I tried the door and it was locked but I noticed a sign that read to ring the bell. I did once and seeming to not get a reply, I started to walk away but then an older gentleman opened the door and let me in. I asked if they were open for a tour and I was told yes. I explained that I am new to Leominster and wanted to tour the house and see what richness it held.

The house, held indeed some finest in rich and humble history of an earlier time.

About the Society
The non-profit Leominster Historical Society has served the city of Leominster since 1906, upholding the mission of its founders to preserve, protect and promote the community’s history.  The Society is located in the historic 1870 Field School building on School Street, the school was named in honor of longtime school member Caleb C. Field, M. D.  The society saved the building when they acquired it in 1971. This acquirement opened the building to the public as a museum and meeting space. It is now listed on both the State and National Historic Registers as part of the Monument Square Historic District, and serves as a lasting example of the brick schoolhouse of the era.

The Collection
The Society museum houses more than 2,000 priceless artifacts, ranging from the pre-revolutionary War period to present day history. Highlight of the Society’s collections include:

**Collection of Revolutionary and Civil War letters and weapons

**Whitney’s carriages, toys, and games from the 19th and 20th centuries

**As pioneer of the Plastics Industry, they house early industry tools, molds, and original comb manufacturing implements, materials and historic comb collections.

I am happy that I was able to get a tour of this manse. Viewing of their treasures made it all seem worthwhile to be out on this very cold day.


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