Sunday, December 14, 2014

NEW ENGLAND 2014: An afternoon at the Concord Library.

Poetry Reading at the Concord Library with Sandra Lim

I have frequented the Concord Library on many occasions. Having been there the day before, I had taken some photos of their gingerbread house and posted this on Facebook and I received notice of a comment from the Friends of Library. I logged in to view this and in researching further I came to be viewing their home page and found that they had a poetry reading today and this was free and open to the public.

We had wanted to visit Old Sturbridge Village for a chorale concert as this was free with entrance; I imagine there was a price for admittance but we could not find this. And so we opted to visit the library in Concord and take in this poet’s read.

We arrived early and I asked at the Circulation desk if indeed the poetry read would still take place and I was told yes. And because we were early, we were told if interested that there was a special exhibit/collection of Abraham Lincoln papers and write ups of his life, presidency terms and of his assassination.

We visited upstairs and viewed it. It was discernment to be in that room with such powerful images. It felt like being in a tomb and I wish that I had not been. Informative it was and yet it was private and disturbing for this viewer.

I took some photos and went down to wait for the poetry reading to take place.


Poetry Reading at the Concord Library with Sandra Lim

The Poetry at the Library Series Presents Sandra Lim, Sunday, December 14th at 3 p.m. in the Main Library, Trustees’ Room  Reading followed by book signing reception.

Sandra Lim is the author of The Wilderness (W.W. Norton, 2014), selected by Louise Glück for the Barnard Women Poets Prize, given for the best second collection of poetry written by an American female poet.

Ms. Lim read from her book: The Wilderness, she selected several favorites and not so favorites to share with attendees. Her voice is soothing and accurate with no hint to her ethnicity which was brought up during question time. She is South Korean, an outsider of China but not of Asia the continent where Korea resides.

She is a full-time professor at U-Mass Lowell, and enjoys her students as they delve into poetry for the first time or not.  She is not an habitual writer; nor is she impulsive, she writes late in the evening but not regularly.

I have encountered poets when I volunteered at the Salem’s Poetry Festival run by January O'Neil and this poet sounding somewhat like Ms. O'Neil made me think of such.  There is the pen being mightier than the sword; as is the poets’ juxtaposing of his or her wares, just so or I mean aptly put.  How to say: We rise out of the ashes while walking away from the smoldering flame of our tongue…remaining all the while uncouth.


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Saturday, December 13, 2014

NEW ENGLAND 2014: Holiday Fair...

Holiday Fair at First Unitarian Church Harvard Square

I took a walk while in Cambridge today, from Central Square to Harvard Square and I  found that they were having their Holiday Fair at the First Unitarian Church area and I decided to wonder about there and I took several photos and purchase a small note card from a Woodblock Print vendor.

Holiday Fair, (Harvard Square) Cambridge, MA

The Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair, one of the oldest and most popular fairs in Boston, will celebrate its 29th season in 2014.   It takes place in the basement and courtyard of the First Parish Church on the corner of Church Street and Massachusetts Avenue and runs for 12 or so days in December, the dates varying from year to year.

The fair is juried and includes a changing mix of New England craftspeople and world travelling importers featuring many wonderful gift items.   There is always a great selection of beautiful, original and affordable gifts.   Talking to the craftspeople who make what they sell gives shoppers a connection to what they are buying that is just not possible at the mall, through a catalogue or online.

Art Star Girl clocks 

Ogusky Ceramics: Handcrafted Fermentations

Enchanted World of Boxes

Stepper Scuplture Frogs and Amphibians

 Symmetry Tile Works

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NEW ENGLAND 2014: I viewed this Shinola bike while at Long’s.

I asked them at Long’s Jewelers why a bike was in the store?

“In not knowing which direction to travel; remember, always, like the sun, life spreads its light in all directions. So to does the craftsmanship offered by the makers of Shinola.”-

In Boston for a morning appointment and being early I decided to have my watch battery mended. It had stopped working; so I viewed this Long’s Jeweler and stopped in to ask if they would add a battery to my watch. While waiting for the watch, I spied of this bike and asked why it was in the store and I was told it was a Shinola and they make watches and leather goods as well.

Long’s Jeweler of Boston, Ma
Their story:
Long’s Jewelers is a family-owned and operated full-service jeweler with five stores throughout Massachusetts. New England’s love affair with Long’s began in 1878 when Thomas Long, a Massachusetts native, opened his Boston-based jewelry business. Since then, Long’s has become the foundation of Boston’s luxury jewelry and timepiece market. Visit them at:

Shinola, bikes, leather goods, and watches made by quality crafters who are proud to foster the made in America continuing. They are a family-owned company with a century of tradition, known for their exacting specifications, high quality production, and their use of domestic, sustainably-cultivated sources. Read more by visiting their website:

With a commitment to excellence and impeccable standards for materials and craftsmanship is what the Shinola brand is all about. It is producing quality goods, requiring more than just quality materials—pre-requisite requiring highly-skilled workers with the ability and experience to ensure that every detail on every finished product comes out precisely how it should.   

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

NEW ENGLAND 2014: a bright sunny day’s walk to Rota Spring Farm…

I took a walk today and I ended up going to Rota Spring Farm as my journey and back. It was very warm for this time of year. I found that I had dressed for a cold day when in fact it was much warmer.

I waived and walked on and as I did the dogs came barking; there were two, with one coming closer to where I was by their gate. I simply walked on and observing/taking in for the moment what I could of this balmy day.

Two neighboring farms viewed along the way:

Rota Spring Farm

Rocky Acres Farm


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

NEW ENGLAND 2014: Paradise City Award Winning Fairs of Fine and Functional Art.

This fair was held in Marlborough, MA.

“Art is not static; fine art and contemporary craft often overlap. Artists by nature, experiment with many different ideas and material.” ― Unfinished

I received in the mail a post card to attend this Paradise City in Marlborough, MA at the Royal Plaza Trade Center. I was able to attend because my husband took me to see this show once more. We attended their show held last month in Northampton.  

Among the art media included are works in studio furniture, art glass, large-scale sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and painting. Learn more at:

These were some of the artists that I spoke with while in attendance at the Marlborough fair:

I took these following photos:
The Sculpture Garden as seen upon entering the show is an oasis of meditative beauty. Louis Pomerantz is an architect and a renowned sculptor of stone and water. He has installed his Zen fountains carved of indigenous New England stone in private and public landscapes throughout the region and beyond.

Dwight Baird lives on the border between Canada and New York State, but his heart resides in the tropics. Baird is known for work that combines intricate detail with broad brush strokes and a dynamic use of color; light and shadow, and his painting series depicts daily life in Havana and rural Newfoundland, and the mysterious depth of night.

This piece is title: “Duet”, an extraordinary pair of dancing figures that stand seven feet in the air. Berkshire artist David Bryce has formulated a sculpture medium that can live indoor or out.

Vicki Thaler Designs Fine Jewelry

Lori Austill Beeswax Paintings

Agnieszka Winograd Jewelry design

Brooklyn Bridge photos by Andrew Sovjani

Tim Christensen Ceramics

This was a lovely way to spend an afternoon; as this included live jazz performance and luncheon delight in their café area. A lovely time is to be had by all.

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